Upgrading Our Future

Vans, SoCo, and the Press which is being developed right now are all updates and upgrades from previously underutilized, often industrial land. Transforming a Five Decade Industrial Site Into A Thriving Community, One Metro West Will Put Housing Next To Traffic Producing Jobs (proposed architectural renderings for reference)

Today, just these three projects will account for more than 3,500 approved professional and creative jobs.

Right next door to all of this, One Metro West will transform a 16-acre underutilized, five decade old industrial property into a vibrant community, with one of the signature features being a contemporary outdoor public space. That’s 1.5 acres of green within an easy walk of employers, restaurants, and residents. The park will be a living work of art with swirling berms of natural turf, large shade trees, and a water element that will serve as the aesthetic focal point.

Better still … this open space will be designed for easy access with surrounding employers helping them attract and create more career building jobs by adding beauty and activity where cracked sidewalks sit today.

That’s an upgrade we can all be happy with! For more information click here.


The neighborhood north of the 405 is a magnet for jobs that draw young creative types to places like Vans, Hive and SoCo. One of the world’s most dynamic hubs in the $54 billion active lifestyle industry, even more expansion is already approved with 500 new jobs for the Vans Headquarters and The Press, a $200 million creative office campus for some 3,300 employees.

View of the One Metro West entrance to the community along Sunflower Blvd.Costa Mesa workers are increasingly prioritizing the convenience of housing and amenities within cohesive communities. By adding housing next door to SoCo and close to jobs, One Metro West will be a walkable and sustainable neighborhood that will help creative entrepreneurs live and work in Costa Mesa while protecting traditional neighborhoods.

These professionals are just as happy competing globally as they are tired of competing against commute times on the 405. They want a real neighborhood where work and play are less than 20 minutes away.

One Metro West will turn the job center north of the 405 into a community neighborhood that minimizes impacts on nearby traditional neighborhoods while providing homes, shopping, and restaurants for the thousands of jobs coming to Costa Mesa.

Creating Costa Mesa’s Newest Neighborhood

SoCo and The Mix are next door neighbors to One Metro West, and easy walk for every resident in the neighborhood!

One Metro West’s next door neighbor is SoCo, one of the most dynamic culinary, design, and retail destinations in Orange County with some 70 carefully curated restaurants, shops, and showrooms.

The area around SOCO has jobs and all the amenities that make for a vibrant, walkable and bikeable community except places to live.

Too many pedestrian friendly projects suffer from a common flaw: they’re not located within walking distance of the restaurants, retail, recreation and other amenities residents seek.

One Metro West is very different.One Metro West as seen from the interactive open space, the first open space north of the 405 in a generation.

The residents of One Metro West will have an estimated $32 million of annual disposable income. And right next door, residents will have acres and acres of SoCo to answer many if not most of their daily needs.

Putting residents right in the middle of the action cuts down on unnecessary car trips and makes the neighborhood north of the 405 a real community.