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Ava P.

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Childhood Memory

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Ideal Community

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Childhood Memory: When I was younger, I would play with my sister and imagine being in a story, we would imagine being pirates, princesses and fairies, we would go on adventures in our own backyard.
Ideal Community: (going from left to right) The Black picture frame represents shops, this would be a restaurant, a movie theater and a shopping mall with a grocery store in the right bottom corner of the frame, below that, the colorful blocks would represent a parking lot. The Paintbrushes outside of the frame would represent streets, while the little plants in between these brushes indicate plants, fauna and parks for a more healthy environment. The lego box and tall tube would be a skyline, places where people can go to work and get money. Finally, at the furthest right, each colored block is a house, where the center (the yellow plant) is a park, the blank space around the park would be parking p[laces for the people who live in the houses.

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