Want to learn more about how One Metro West will build a stronger Costa Mesa? The planned community has been designed to enhance connections throughout the community. Read our blogs and hear from local residents, employers, families, restaurants and shop owners about how One Metro West will bring benefits to them.

Building Stronger Community Connections

One Metro West: Already Building Great Connections For the past two years, One Metro West has been building a wide and thorough understanding of our approach to create Costa Mesa’s newest community in order to enrich the fabric of Costa Mesa and protect our City’s traditional residential neighborhoods. To date, we have held multiple one-on-one meetings, had […]

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Connecting Costa Mesa to a better work-live-play balance

Imagine living in a beautiful well-planned walkable community, with safe pedestrian paths and jobs, stores and services just a short walk away. Workers can walk or bike to nearby jobs. Couples can walk to movies and restaurants. Friends can meet for coffee and explore retail hubs and neighborhood shops. Seniors can walk to the farmers’ […]

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Let’s Welcome in the New Year, Costa Mesa

It has been a challenging year for us all, but we are excited to announce great plans for Costa Mesa in this New Year – changes that will build stronger connections, future growth and continued engagement in the community we love. Stronger Connections Coming Soon Imagine, a One Metro West transformation of a 16-acre dilapidated […]

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